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Jennifer Wilkinson, Keeping Kids Engaged LLC

About Jennifer

My Background and Mission

With degrees in Education and Psychology my focus has always been on empowering others to succeed. I have worked as a Teacher, Preschool Director, and Consultant--all of which have provided me platforms to help others obtain their educational goals. I strongly believe in the old adage, "If you give a man a fish, he eats for a day; if you teach a man to fish, he eats for a lifetime." Therefore, my goal is always to help others attain independence in their growth.

We all know that the COVID-19 pandemic has placed additional stresses on parents to educate and/or entertain their children on a much larger scale than ever before! I want to support parents by being a sounding board and a source of practical solutions to keep their kids happily busy in constructive play and learning. I do this through individual consultations with parents to discuss the specific needs of their children and family situation and by creating activities to fit those individual needs.

Regardless of what the upcoming school year looks like, it is guaranteed that kids will be spending more time at home than they did a year ago and parents will have to find new, creative ideas to engage their children. I want to show parents how to achieve this away from the gaming consoles and streaming services. I will show how to tap into kids' interests so that they want to participate in these new activities! It can be done and I can help! Contact me today!

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