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Fall Activities: Fun and Educational

The weather is beginning to suggest the approach of Fall, which feels wonderful! The kids are able to play outside without too much discomfort from heat, and the fresh, cool air is apt to wake everyone up, regardless of the time of day! As the signs of Fall become more numerous, take some time with your children to gather acorns, pinecones, leaves, and other natural items you may encounter outside.

Before you know it, you’ll have collected a stash of educational activities!

One activity is a sorting one (a math domain!). Your child can sort her collection by various elements: size, type, color, texture. Challenge older children to discover how many different sorts they can create. Once created, how many objects are in each group? Which group has the most? The least? You can add and subtract groups, as well! More math-adept children can create story problems requiring the multiplication and division of items in the collections.

Another activity is to create art with the collected Fall objects. Your child can make a collage, gluing objects to paper. Or, he can create a 3-D structure by gluing or hot gluing (with adult supervision) objects together. Maybe your child can create a garland with pinecones tied together with string! Another classic activity is to press leaves between two sheets of waxed paper, using a cool iron (with adult supervision), creating a placemat!

The opportunities are pretty much endless and readily available! Make the changing season a time of wonder and learning for your children, as well as a time for sharing as a family 😊

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