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How Can "Keeping Kids Engaged" Help Me?

This is an excellent question; many people ask how the services of Keeping Kids Engaged can benefit them. The business began as simply an answer to parents’ frustrations during the COVID-19 Pandemic, as parents were (and many still are) trying to juggle working at home and schooling their children remotely. Now, Keeping Kids Engaged has expanded to offer broader educational consulting and activity creation that is geared toward the individual child. In other words, Keeping Kids Engaged focuses only on your child—rather than an age-group at large—and his/her specific abilities and interests. Through in-depth discussions with parents*, goals are established for each child and activities are created.

Anyone who has schooled children remotely will know that the school day’s lessons and assignments can be completed in far less time than the average on-site school day. This leaves a lot of “spare” time that must be filled by parents. Trying to do this in fresh, creative, and educational ways can be a challenge to any parent; Keeping Kids Engaged will free up your time and do this for you!

Even when your children are not involved in remote learning, there can be a lot of “down” time that children do not know how to fill, other than with screen time. Fun, educational activities can be created for these needs, too!

Visit the website at to get an idea of some of the activities that are available. Then, simply contact Jennifer through the website or via email at She will then set up an appointment to walk you through your needs and the needs of your child(ren), based on ability level, interests, and subject areas. All materials will be delivered electronically so no time will be wasted awaiting shipments!

Begin simplifying your year now by letting Keeping Kids Engaged help you!

*Throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic, all consultations will be virtual.

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