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Kids in Other Countries

To live in the United States of America, a large country with diverse flora, fauna, people, and cultures, it can be easy to isolate oneself from the rest of the world. However, learning about other countries and cultures can be fascinating and it also creates a new lens for viewing our own country, cultures, and the way we do things. We can learn that there is more than one way of accomplishing something—and that they are all “correct” for a particular culture. Sometimes, new ways may actually be beneficial and more expeditious to what we do in the United States. For the seven years that I lived overseas—and began my family—I learned a lot about myself, my country, and the different, healthier ways my new country approached issues to better serve its community.

Of course, not everyone is able to travel overseas, and even if you can, it takes a long time to experience multiple countries and their cultures. Thus, virtual visits are a wonderful Plan B! A fantastic site for exposing children (and adults) to life in other countries can be found under the Links tab on my website at Here, ten children from different countries tell about their lives in 12-minute segments, showing first-hand what their homes look like, where they go to school, and some of the challenges that they face. Each segment is highly engaging and serves as a great jumping off point for a multitude of discussions, ranging from comparing/contrasting our life to those in other countries, wants and needs, etc. I highly recommend that you and your children begin your overseas travels today and begin invaluable learning!

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