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The Ease of Learning to Music

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

Do you know the “A,B,C” song? I bet everyone reading this does! And how many years ago did you first learn it?! It is amazing how easily we are drawn to music, how quickly we can learn a tune and accompanying lyric, and how long we can remember the tune. This is also true for instrumental music, jingles, and rhymes. How many television ad jingles do you remember from when you were a kid? These silly ads stick with us—even when we’d rather forget them! This magic with music is why many educators have taught their rote material through song. It is more fun to learn, it will stick in your head, and the repetition is what solidifies learning. Think of how often a young child will sing the A,B,Cs. Can you imagine that same child eagerly reciting the A,B,Cs without the tune? Probably not! The fluidity in music and rhyme connects words and ideas and makes learning more fun and more successful! The easier it is to master, the more enjoyable the task will be. While not everything can be taught through rhyme and song, take advantage of the things that can! The internet is full of them! Below is a sampling of links available to kids from preschool through high school. Check them out with your child and start singing while learning!

Multiplication Mash-Up

Meet the Math Facts (addition)

Let’s Learn Our Addition Facts (8,9 &10)

Tens Frame Subtraction Song

Wakko’s 50 State Capitols with Lyric

Seven Continents Song

The Planet Song

The Periodic Table of Elements

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